TeeJet Nozzles

No matter what sprayer you have, you’ll be wasting money every time you spray if you're using the wrong or worn nozzles. Although spray nozzles are one of the most affordable components of a sprayer, they are very valuable because of their impact on sprayer performance.

Spray nozzles control the amount of liquid sprayed per unit area, manage application rate, along with the variability of spray. Nozzles also influence droplet size, affecting both target coverage and spray drift risk. The wrong nozzle, or not using your spray nozzle correctly, can result in over or under application and increase the risk of off target loss. Over application wastes a lot of chemical and is very costly, while under application can lead to poor performance, along with the need to re-spray.  

Nozzles come in a wide variety of types and sizes. The best nozzle for a given application will maximize efficiency, reduce spray drift risk, and allow compliance with chemical label requirements such as application rate and spray droplet size. 

Opinions and preferences on nozzles vary a lot, so in this blog we aim to provide you with general advice about which nozzle may suit your application. We also advise you to thoroughly read your chemical labels before making a decision. 

We are proud stockists of TeeJet nozzles, simply because we believe they are the best on the market. TeeJet nozzles are able to cater for a variety of application methods including spot spraying, broadacre spraying and much more. Their extensive range has been designed to suit different chemicals including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Here are some of the nozzles that may suit your chemical application:

Herbicide Spraying

Herbicide chemicals are used to kill unwanted plants, for example, weeds in a suburban garden, or grass in a field that needs to be seeded. Herbicides are available in nock downs, which kill everything you spray, or selectives, which will kill selected plants, for example, they will kill the weeds, but won’t harm the grass. As a general principal, a TeeJet Fan Nozzle, such as an AIXR nozzle would be a good choice as it offers good soil, contact or systemic coverage.

Fungicide Spraying

Fungicide chemicals are used to kill or prevent the growth of fungi, mould and mildew. Fungicides are usually used to control bacterial and fungal diseases of fruit, vegetable, nut and broadacre cereal crops. Two types of fungicides are usually available:

  • Contact fungicide which kills fungi when sprayed on the plants surface.
  • Systemic fungicide which is absorbed by the plant first and then shows its effect.

TeeJet has a wide range of nozzles suitable for either contact or systemic fungicides. Two of these options are the Conjet nozzles for orchard sprayers and TTJ60’s for Broadacre sprayers.  

Insecticide Spraying

Insecticides chemicals are used to kill insects, for example, removing pests that can notably reduce the volume of harvestable produce for a farmer. Insecticides are also available as contact or systemic chemicals. They can be applied via a boom, spot sprayer or other options. Some nozzle options we recommend for insecticide spraying include the TeeJet Conejet nozzles, TT nozzles or XR nozzles because they offer good penetration and coverage.

Choosing Nozzles to Minimise Loss

All nozzles, even drift reduction nozzles, when used in the wrong conditions, produce droplets that are small enough to drift away from the intended target. This not only wastes chemicals, could also be damaging sensitive areas or neighbouring crops. For example, the popular TeeJet XR flat fan nozzle has the potential for 50% of the droplets it sprays to potentially drift and be lost. To put that into perspective, imagine if you could halve your chemical bill by simply using the right nozzle?

With new nozzle designs, the potential for loss is reduced to less than 1%.  

TeeJet Nozzles

In summary, spray nozzles are typically the least costly item on a sprayer unit, but they do play an important role in the outcome of any spraying job, no matter the application method or chemical type. Choosing the right nozzle is very important as it can save you a lot of money and time. The above suggestions are general advice. If you would like more personalised suggestions, we recommend you get in touch with our team or your local dealer directly.