No matter if you have a small residential section or an expansive farm, a sprayer is a necessary tool. The right sprayer will help you apply pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers over your crops, pasture, small vegetable patch or lawn quickly and efficiently.

But when you’re shopping for an agricultural sprayer, there are quite a few variables to consider. You’ll need to look at the amount of land and size of sprayer, what type of equipment you have and how your new sprayer will be attached to your equipment (where required). There are also a variety of sprayer types to consider, based on the task you're wanting to complete. The quality and condition of your current equipment should also be a consideration, as well as the weather, and, of course, what you are spraying. In this blog, we discuss the different variables to make choosing your next agricultural sprayer easy as.

First, let's talk about the basics.

Agricultural sprayers consist of a few simple but necessary parts, the essential parts include the tank, pump and nozzles. The pump draws the liquid mixture from the tank and discharges through spray nozzles, with pressure controls to achieve the desired application rate.

Agricultural sprayers range in size from portable units, such as hand-held compression sprayers, backpacks with spray guns, to self-propelled sprayers, deck-mount sprayers, trailed sprayers and 3-point linkage sprayers that are fixed to a tractor.
Here are some examples of what sprayer will suit a residential section, lifestyle block or large farm:

Residential Section:

Matabi Berry 7, 5L Compression Sprayer

The Matabi Berry 7, 5L Compression Sprayer is very popular for spraying small veggie patches and gardens.

This compression sprayer has a 5 litre working capacity, with a translucent tank to see the liquid level, fibreglass lance, viton chamber shut-off valve, ergonomic handle, comfortable shoulder strap, filter with chemical resistant viton seals and a rust-proof stainless steel spring.

Lifestyle Block and General Farming:

50L EZI-Spot ATV Quad Pro

The 50L EZI-Spot ATV Quad Pro has been specifically designed for four wheeler ATV motorbikes. Its features include a baffled POLY tank, moulded tie down points, exclusive hinged lid with handy hose and gun storage, 10m spray hose and TeeJet Trigger Jet Hand Lance and SHURFLO's "Smoothflo" internal bypass pump for smoother operation and less pulsation.

Large Farm:

Bertolini LS Series sprayers

Our LS Series sprayers are available with 1000 or 1300 litre slim-line tanks, fitted standard with a 10 litre hand wash, 105 litre smart-flush tanks and Bertolini's exclusive "Rota-Mix 30" Chemical Induction Hopper, therefore all work on the sprayer is at ground level. Fitted with Bertolini liquid fertiliser ready POLY pump and three section incab electric control with pressure regulation. Choose from Bertolini's 12 or 15 metre semi-hydraulic fold "K" Series boom with wing lift or the "Super X-2" full hydraulic fold boom with wing tip lift.

It's important to remember that each kind of agricultural sprayer is intended for its own specific purpose and the above sprayers are suggestions. For advice tailored to your specific needs, our team are happy to help you find the right product, or you can visit one of our nationwide dealers.

At Bertolini, you’ll find your perfect sprayer, and if you can’t find the specific sprayer you need, our design and engineering team can custom build a solution for your specific requirements. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.